Why Assessments?

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Why do we need professional assessments? It’s simple. Do you want to improve your hiring and selection process? How about increase sales or customer service? An employee assessment can give you a shortcut to accomplishing these goals. Improve Hiring & Selection The right person in the right job is priceless. The wrong one is a… Read more »

Avoid These Top Turnover Costs in Your Organization

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Did You Know that 75% of ALL Hiring is due to turnover? The emergence of .com job-search resources has helped create a fluid workforce capable of constantly searching for that next perfect opportunity. According to the International Management Association, average churn rates have jumped by more than 14 percent in just the last decade– and… Read more »

Words Aren’t Enough: The Critical Leadership Skill that Makes You into a Successful Leader

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We’re told to “be a good listener,” but what does that mean? Have you ever actually studied your own listening habits? Effective leaders are not the best talkers. They have fulfilled career goals by being the best listeners. Words aren’t enough. When you’re listening, pay conscious attention to facial expressions and body language. This information… Read more »

8 Questions for Postive Change in Your Workplace

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To ensure positive change in your workplace, focus on nine key areas to that help the change process less painful. Leading change requires us to be extremely thoughtful and attentive to those we are dealing with, whether that’s a team or person. Before approaching your team with an upcoming change, answer these questions for yourself…. Read more »

The Power of “Plus One” in Teams

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Teams require a layer of relationship management on top of the actual work that needs to be done. So why don’t we just break our teams into groups of two or even just break the entire time into tasks, each taken on by one person? As a leader, communicating to manage performance and the delegation… Read more »

Ask these 5 Tough Questions to Improve Your Professional Presence

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The new workplace environment is increasingly sophisticated, economically uncertain, and focused on personal accountability for performance results. There is a strong correlation between exceptional performance and behaviors that are considered  created on a project-basis and that dissolve just as quickly, and succeed by agility of thought, problem solving, and turnkey skills application. Star players are… Read more »

Who Do You Need to Be? Practical Steps to Increased Effectiveness

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If you’ve ever taken a personality assessment at work or had your team take one, such as the DiSC, you know that they can be polarizing. Many people are dubious of what they can really reveal about themselves and the value of learning others’ results. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that one… Read more »

Welcome to Simple & Effective Onboarding!

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A smooth onboarding process equips new hires with the tools necessary to succeed in their new position. A well-managed onboarding program begins the moment an offer is extended and ends when the new hire is classified as a functioning employee, able to perform the majority of the job! Retention and satisfaction rates in your organization… Read more »