How to Improve Employee Wellness in One Simple Step

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Yes, there really is a single, simple action that can improve employee wellness. In a nutshell: stand more. Several recent studies have found that sitting for most of the day (as many of us do when we work in office jobs) can increase your risk for health conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer… Read more »

Free Gift: Download a Personal Effectiveness E-Book

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There are essentially three types of assets all companies draw on in order to succeed: people, capital, and technology. All are valuable, but people are the critical component to success. Download the e-book Maximizing Human Potential: 5 Ways to Foster Personal Effectiveness as a “thank you” for being part of the Employee Development Systems, Inc…. Read more »

Personal Effectiveness with Family-Friendly Policies

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It is becoming more difficult to define a “standard” or “typical” workplace since many organizations are adopting practices with more flexibility for their employees. Some teams work entirely remotely, while others have the option to work from home several days a month. Other organizations allow employees to control their schedules with flex time or provide… Read more »

The Generation Gap: Age Discrimination Goes Both Ways

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Younger employees, who are just entering the workforce, can often face stereotypes about their age group. Those who are wary of hiring or working with millennials fear that they will be lazy, self-centered or uncommitted. Research shows that younger people can be just as hardworking and motivated as their older colleagues, and they are often… Read more »

Change Management 101: Setting Goals & Taking Action

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It isn’t always possible to predict the future or create a plan for every possible scenario, but successful organizations are able to anticipate and adapt to changes they encounter. They stay focused on their mission and goals, and their change management strategy remains consistent with their organizational purpose. As a leader, it is your responsibility… Read more »

Why Management Training is Still Important

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Motivated, hard-working employees strive to take on more responsibility and leadership as they advance in their careers, but how ready are most people for a management role? According to a CareerBuilder survey of employers and workers released in March 2011, they may not be nearly prepared enough. More than one-fourth (26 percent) of managers surveyed… Read more »

Breaking the Breakdown & Improving Communication Skills

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Conveying ideas and explaining information to others is an essential part of a manager’s job, from daily feedback and instructions to in-depth employee development and training. Many managers have never received formal training on how to relay information in a concise, clear and effective way, yet those who invest time in strengthening their written and… Read more »