Make Performance Management an Ongoing Priority

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Ah, the dreaded performance review. It comes around at least once a year, and it is often a source of anxiety and stress for employees and managers alike. Employees may fear hearing surprising criticism about their work or behavior, and managers may dread bringing up unpleasant topics and implementing unwelcome changes. Feedback doesn’t have to… Read more »

The Experts Speak: The New Path to Business Success Found in Leveraging Human Potential

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Recent research and business trends indicate that meaning is the new money. Employees are seeking useful, progressive self-development and career resources and employers are seeking cost-effective ways to support the career development of their top talent. Employee Development Systems, Inc. supports this trend by offering a management development newsletter that distinguishes itself from its counterparts… Read more »

4 Tips for Receiving Constructive Criticism at Work

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  Last month, we discussed the best approaches for giving genuine, helpful feedback  to employees without causing hurt feelings or resentment. Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin: how to receive constructive criticism from others without becoming defensive or hurt yourself. It is one thing to be on the giving end of… Read more »

4 Tips for Building Emotional Intelligence Skills at Work

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There is no exact formula for professional success, and there will always be debate over which factors are most influential in achieving it– from hard work and intelligence to ambition and opportunity. Recently, there has been an increased awareness about the importance of emotional intelligence skills in the workplace. A well-balanced, mature and effective professional… Read more »

Implement Workplace Wellness Programs for Physical & Financial Health

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Don’t be too quick to dismiss your organization’s new health and wellness effort as just a passing trend. Recent research shows that workplace wellness programs maintained consistently over time save employers money in long-term health care costs. Highmark, Inc., Pennsylvania’s biggest health insurer and one of the largest in the United States, published a study… Read more »

What’s Your EQ? Find Out From Our Free E-Book Download!

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Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, refers to how we relate to other people and use our social skills to succeed in our personal and professional interactions. EQ requires us to tune into each situation intellectually and emotionally, utilizing our knowledge and intuition and adjusting our behavior for the best fit. What is your Emotional Intelligence? What… Read more »