EDSI Launches Retooled Professionalism in the Workplace Program

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Denver, Colorado – The rise of casual work environments and flexible work hours in recent years has included various benefits for employees, such as improved morale and work-life balance. However, these changes also have contributed to a careless attitude toward work results and an acceptance of average (or below average) performance as the norm. One… Read more »

4 Daily Reminders for Management Development

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Do you think of yourself as an effective manager? Do you spend time consciously working on your leadership skills the way you would any other talent or ability? How often? Management development can sometimes get lost in the shuffle when you are focused on your busy work schedule, but it should be an important part… Read more »

3 Time-Saving Alternatives to Staff Meetings

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How many hours a week do you spend in meetings? And how many of these hours do you think are productive and the best use of your time? Many organizations fall into the trap of overscheduling their employees in too many staff meetings that take away from the real work that needs to be done…. Read more »

Job Growth Picking Up: Are We Turning a Corner?

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Finally, some optimistic news about the economy: the US unemployment rate is now at 8.9 percent, its lowest level since April 2009. Total payroll employment has grown by 1.3 million, an average of 106,000 per month, since February 2010. The Labor Department reported that the nation’s employers added 192,000 non-farm jobs in February, up from… Read more »

Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day

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Recognizing the skills and talents of your employees should be an ongoing activity, not just reserved for one day out of the year. However, much like Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to do something special for the person you love, National Employee Appreciation Day is an excellent occasion to show your employees that you… Read more »

3 Tips for Giving Constructive Criticism at Work

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Part of being an effective leader and a good manager is honing your ability to give negative feedback in a productive way. It can be challenging to give constructive criticism in a manner that helps an employee learn and grow, rather than becoming defensive or hurt. Use these tips to communicate your message clearly and… Read more »