Create Effective Change Management Strategies

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Change is an inevitable (and often essential) part of any organization, yet it can be an unsettling and frightening process for individuals involved. Being an effective leader means anticipating change and coming up with a strategic change management plan. Learn how to adapt and lead others to follow suit, and you will continue to evolve… Read more »

Leading With Credibility to Avoid Digital Overload

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In this age of multitasking, we are rarely unplugged from electronic devices for long during our waking hours. In fact, we often jump from one screen to another at a rapid pace—writing email and checking the news on our laptops, texting friends and playing games on our mobile phones, watching television or listening to music… Read more »

The Best Business Books to Complement Management Training Courses

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The success of your organization is largely dependent on the capabilities and leadership of your management team. Effective managers must be able to communicate with many different personalities to encourage productivity, achieve goals and create a positive working environment. It benefits everyone working for your company to invest in management training courses  that teach delegation,… Read more »

Employee Development and Creative Training

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The cover of a recent Newsweek (7/19/10) says it all: Creativity in America.  However, based upon the Torrance test, the creativity quotient (CQ) has been declining every year since 1990 which does not bode well for companies and organizations that are hiring, nor for our society.  A recent IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity… Read more »

Making the Best Use of the Millennial Generation’s Strengths

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In a multi-generational and diverse workforce, sometimes misunderstandings can occur among the different age groups. Younger employees can receive unfair labels from their older colleagues, who may stereotype the millennial generation as unmotivated, selfish, unfocused and impatient. These misconceptions are not only harmful to a collaborative work environment, they also do the organization as a… Read more »

5 Steps to Improve Your Listening Skills for Employee Development

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Listening is one of the most important, yet most underrated, management skills. It may seem like a simple, even passive, task, but being an effective listener actually requires concentration, effort and time. Keep these five easy steps in mind in your everyday office interactions and dramatically improve your listening skills.   1. Keep eye contact…. Read more »

Kindergarten Life Skills for Personal Accountability

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As you grow older and become more established in the business world, you are expected to be a serious, professional adult while performing your job. Seriousness and professionalism are both valuable qualities in the workplace, but you might be surprised by how you can apply the simple life skills you learned in kindergarten to your… Read more »

Make Time for Solo Work & Maximize Personal Effectiveness

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Working with others in some shape or form is necessary for most professions, and collaborating with a team of people can often be beneficial, productive and rewarding. Some work, however, must be done alone, without outside distractions. Peace and quiet are not always easy to come by during a busy work week, but it is… Read more »

Use the DISC Personality Assessment to Amplify Strengths

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It can be overwhelming to try to figure out the behavior and motivations of all the diverse people in your organization. Each person is a complex individual, so how can you possibly understand what makes him or her tick? You may be surprised to learn that complicated behavioral styles can actually be divided into four… Read more »