Prevent Workplace Conflict With the Disc Online Test

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In any given workplace, the staff is made up of people who have different backgrounds, experiences, skills, strengths and challenges. This diversity has the potential to create a powerful team of employees who learn from each other and use their strengths for the greater good of the organization. These differences also have the capacity to… Read more »

Holiday Tips for Creating Workplace Cultural Sensitivity

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and employees across the country are getting into the holiday spirit with seasonal decorations, baked goods, gift exchanges and festive parties. The holidays are a perfect opportunity to celebrate and relax a bit with colleagues, but when you work with people who have diverse backgrounds and beliefs,… Read more »

Employee Development Courses & Management Training Courses

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This headline for an article in the Houston Chronicle on June 9, 2010, caught my attention  How can this be when the Gallup Underemployment rate reported on June 3, 2010, is still a whopping 19.1%?  Some are leaving for new jobs, but most have no firm offers. Many stayed in jobs during the recession… Read more »

Human Capital Management and Stock Prices

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I received an email from McBassi & Company and I downloaded the whitepaper entitled “Human Capital Management Predicts Stock Prices” The bottomline is, the stock prices of those  companies that provide training and development and career development, human capital management, outperform the competition.  Why then in an economic downturn, one of the first areas… Read more »

A Personal Effectiveness Gift for Our Readers

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At Employee Development Systems, Inc. we are keenly aware of how important your time is to you, and we are grateful that you regularly spend some of it with us. Please accept this download of Personal Effectiveness Skillbuilder, compliments of Employee Development Systems, Inc., as a thank-you gift. As another way of staying connected, join our… Read more »

The Leadership Skills Reading List

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  It goes without saying that strong leadership skills are essential for any successful manager. Defining what makes a good leader is a more difficult task. Our Leading With Credibility  course helps managers find their true leadership potential by becoming more honest, forward-looking, competent and inspiring. Since leadership is a continuous journey, keep advancing your… Read more »

Tips for Team Building

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  “Team building” is often tossed around casually in workplace conversations, but it is more than just a clever business phrase. Creating a cohesive, collaborative team is important in any organization, and it takes leadership and dedication to achieve. In a successful team, individuals are able to set aside their personal motivations to put the… Read more »