Challenging the Status Quo & Making Your Ideas Happen

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When you have a new and exciting idea that will improve the way your organization operates, it’s natural to want to run with it and implement it as soon as possible. Change can unfortunately be slow and painstaking in many organizations, and too often, good ideas become tangled in red tape and abandoned. Challenging the… Read more »

Effect Change With the Dealing with Difficult People Course

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Ideally, collaborating with a team of people is an inspiring and productive process. Each person brings his or her own ideas and strengths to the group, and everyone cooperates seamlessly to reach shared goals. Of course, working with a group can also be challenging when you bring together many individuals, often of different generations and… Read more »

Improve Your Office Etiquette & Professional Presence

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  We all have our own pet peeves about the behavior of colleagues, employees and managers at work, from the woman who talks on her cell phone in the bathroom stall to the man who constantly forwards cute kitten YouTube videos to the whole staff.   Office etiquette can be delicate to navigate, so it… Read more »

Best Practices for Social Media Privacy

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A recent court case in France serves as an important reminder that content you publish on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, is not confidential and can come back to haunt you if you don’t exercise smart social media privacy habits. A French labor tribunal ruled in favor of Alten SIR, a consulting… Read more »

Pushing Boundaries for Social Collaboration Between Departments

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In a perfect world, cooperation between different departments in an organization is a smooth and streamlined process. It is easy to combine complementary skills and knowledge and work together for a common goal; you also know exactly who is in charge of what and how to give feedback, ask questions or request changes. Unfortunately, social… Read more »

10 Steps to a More Professional Presence

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Even with four generations in the workforce, there are generally accepted business norms that define professionalism beyond table manners and dress. 1.   Business language should use clearly defined business terms in the correct context with meaningful objectives. As millennials countinue to enter the workforce, organizations need to understand styles and their business perspectives.  However, “dude”,… Read more »

5 Tips to Go Green in Your Office with Employee Development

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  Reducing your office’s carbon footprint through small, manageable actions can be a smart move in many ways. If you make a commitment to “go green” at work, you protect the environment, create a healthier workplace for employees and save your organization money over time. As part of your employee development foster a culture of… Read more »

Make a Performance Improvement Plan for 2011

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As 2010 comes to an end, it is important to take time to reflect on the past year, evaluate your challenges and successes and begin looking forward to the new year. Use the month of December as an opportunity to create a specific performance improvement plan for 2011.Consider your personal and professional goals and the… Read more »

5 Management Training Lessons “Undercover Boss” Can Teach

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What insights can executives gain by going undercover as entry-level workers in their own companies? According to CBS’ Emmy-nominated series “Undercover Boss,” they can learn a series of valuable lessons. As a viewer, you would be wise to learn, too. Each week, “Undercover Boss” follows a different corporate executive pretending to be a new employee… Read more »