4 Tips for Employee Training and Development Programs

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This is unfortunately a common scenario that happens again and again in many different organizations: employees spend significant time and energy undergoing training programs to improve their performance, and after the training is complete, they go back to their old ways.McKinsey & Company estimates companies around the world spend up to $100 billion a year on… Read more »

Increasing Personal Effectiveness with Index Cards

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If your to-do lists are out of control, it’s time that you tried an inexpensive tool for keeping track of your action items: blank index cards. Much like Post-Its, index cards cost only a few dollars per pack of several hundred, and they can do wonders for increasing personal effectiveness. With practice, they can sharpen… Read more »

Social Collaboration Techniques that Work

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If you have ever worked with a group on a project, you probably understand that teamwork doesn’t always come easily. Social collaboration, when executed properly, can be rewarding, productive and participatory, resulting in better outcomes than individuals working alone. However, working with others requires concentration, effort and cooperation, and it can be challenging to stay… Read more »

6 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses & Nonprofits

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  Six years ago, Facebook was just a socializing and procrastination tool for college students. Today, Facebook reports  having more than 500 million monthly active users, spending more than 700 billion minutes and sharing more than 30 billion pieces of content each month. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites have grown to become… Read more »

Find a Better Work Life Balance During the Holidays

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  For many working people, the holidays are anything but relaxing. The months of November and December often feel like a mad rush to complete the same amount of work in a much shorter timeframe, not to mention the addition of family commitments, travel plans and money concerns.   It is important to discover the… Read more »

Pros and Cons of 360-Degree Feedback

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Traditionally, employees received performance assessments only from their direct managers, creating a linear and straightforward feedback method. Many organizations are now adopting a different approach, 360-degree feedback, which gathers evaluations of an individual from multiple sources: supervisors, peers, subordinates and customers, for a circular approach. Often there is also a self-assessment portion of the process… Read more »