Research Shows How to Use Self-Discipline for Personal Effectiveness

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Unless you change how you are, you’ll always have what you’ve got. Whatever your personal or career goals are, self-discipline is the single most important tool to help you accomplish them. Put these daily practices into action to accomplish your own goals and become a more effective leader in the meantime! Revisit your goals each… Read more »

Are You Being Honest About Your Personal Accountability?

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If an interviewer were to ask you questions about your performance at work, such as, “How well do you get along with your colleagues?” and “Do you have effective leadership skills?” you would probably have positive responses. This is normal. We as individuals tend to see ourselves in the best possible light, which means that… Read more »

How to Safeguard Your Productivity at Work From Distractions

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Throughout the course of your workday, you probably encounter dozens of distractions that threaten to derail your personal effectiveness — personal phone calls, coffee breaks, Facebook updates and conversations with co-workers about last night’s episode of “The Voice,” to name a few. It’s beneficial to take small breaks during the day to renew your energy… Read more »