Does Professionalism in the Workplace Give Job Security?

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In a weak economy with a high unemployment rate, many details of one’s workplace behavior become increasingly important when cuts must be made. If you are concerned about your job security, then one thing you can do is to work on increasing your professionalism in the workplace. If you manage employees that you are worried… Read more »

Focus on Your Intentions for Better Constructive Criticism

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One of the best ways you can assist your employees with their professional development is giving them ongoing feedback about their job performance. Performance management should not just be a conversation you have once a year with an employee; it should occur gradually, through daily interactions, regular check-ins and continuous mentoring. Giving effective constructive criticism… Read more »

Personal Accountability Starts in the Kitchen

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Your performance and the performance of your employees begin far before you clock in at the beginning of each work day. Your performance each day is dependent on how much exercise you get, how much sleep you get, and especially what you eat. Countless studies have linked poor concentration and poor school performance to poor diet… Read more »

4 Ways to Increase Personal Accountability

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There is only one of you, and you likely oversee several employees. There will be times when you are called upon to work more closely with a particular employee as a mentor, or times when you need to pick up the slack if an employee is struggling. However, you have your own job responsibilities each… Read more »