Use Critical Thinking Skills to Approach Challenges

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You are probably no stranger to the everyday challenges that come along with the responsibility of being a manager. You know how to handle a crisis, deal with conflict and find solutions to all the miscellaneous issues that arise. But what about the big challenges, the out-of-the-ordinary problems that don’t have an obvious resolution? These… Read more »

How to Encourage Professionalism in the Workplace

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In many ways, the business world has become more casual over the years. Professional behavior and practices, from business attire and language to interpersonal interactions and methods of communication, have evolved with each generation. Though many positive results have come from a constantly changing business climate, sometimes professionalism in the workplace can get lost in… Read more »

6 Steps to Successful Employee Wellness Programs

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Strategic, well-designed employee wellness programs can result in significant financial benefits for organizations– such as lower health care costs, reduced absenteeism, higher productivity and even higher employee retention. Effective programs can also improve factors that are more difficult to measure, including employee morale, pride and commitment to the organization. If you are thinking of starting… Read more »

Free Giveaway: Professional Presence in a Casual World

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We live in an increasingly casual world, where our personal lives often overlap with our professional lives. The way we speak, act, dress and use technology has a powerful influence on how we are perceived as professionals and as leaders. Download “Professional Presence in a Casual World: An Interview With Suzanne Updegraff” for free and… Read more »