Employers Use Personality Tests to Hire Executive Leaders

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Finding the right candidate for the job is never an easy task. Every organization has a different process, but it often involves reading stacks of applications and resumes, conducting phone interviews and in-person interviews, evaluating real-world skills assessments and, increasingly, reviewing personality tests of candidates. A personality test (such as the Discself assessment) is able… Read more »

Kick Off a Workplace Wellness Plan for the New Year

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Year after year, some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions revolve around improving one’s health: losing weight, eating better, exercising more, quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol or sugar or caffeine. We always start the year with renewed enthusiasm and determination to change our bad habits and be healthier, but after a few weeks… Read more »

Social Collaboration Techniques that Work

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If you have ever worked with a group on a project, you probably understand that teamwork doesn’t always come easily. Social collaboration, when executed properly, can be rewarding, productive and participatory, resulting in better outcomes than individuals working alone. However, working with others requires concentration, effort and cooperation, and it can be challenging to stay… Read more »