Build a Team to Increase Professionalism in the Workplace

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From’s recent release of bizarre resume and cover letter materials, it is clear that many potential employees are unaware of what it means to have professional presence. Now, it is easy to say that you simply would not hire the prospective employee with the inappropriate email address or the resume in poem form, but that… Read more »

5 Tips for Encouraging Professionalism in the Workplace

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Every business has some employees who dress like every day is casual Friday, even if it is actually the day of an important presentation. Perhaps some employees feel like business suits stifle creativity. Perhaps some employees who are recent college graduates were never taught how to dress professionally. Whatever the reason for unprofessional attire, it… Read more »

A Day Off for Management and Leadership Training

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Around the country, students are getting ready to go back to school. Many of us are culturally programmed to feel a little thrill or desire to learn at the beginning of a new school year, even if we are not students and do not have students in our lives. Whether or not you have this… Read more »

Free E-Book Download: Improve Your Leadership Skills

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What does “leadership excellence” mean? Does the definition vary from person to person? How can you become the most effective leader possible? Though leadership styles may vary with each individual, there are common characteristics that successful leaders share. Leadership excellence is driven by core values, encourages innovation and creativity and motivates others to strive for… Read more »

A Growing Trend: Teaching Business Leadership Skills

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Teamwork, communication skills and ethics are qualities that up-and-coming leaders in the business world must possess. It is not enough to be intelligent, ambitious and charismatic; to be successful in a quickly changing global marketplace, you must also be able to communicate and work well with others from diverse backgrounds. The standards for business leadership… Read more »

Setting Goals & Testing Your Leadership Skills

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To grow and develop as a leader in the workplace, you must set concrete goals for yourself and work toward attaining them. Approach the process of setting goals as you would any other work project. First, brainstorm and let your ideas go wild. Then narrow your focus, outline a plan, identify action steps and get… Read more »

Leading With Credibility to Build Personal Relationships

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Trust is an essential ingredient in any relationship, and the workplace is no exception. If your colleagues and employees don’t trust you to be honest, respectful and reliable, they won’t be eager to work with you, and your personal relationships at work will suffer. You can’t build trust overnight, but leading with credibility in all… Read more »

How to Encourage Professionalism in the Workplace

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In many ways, the business world has become more casual over the years. Professional behavior and practices, from business attire and language to interpersonal interactions and methods of communication, have evolved with each generation. Though many positive results have come from a constantly changing business climate, sometimes professionalism in the workplace can get lost in… Read more »

Leading with Credibility to Inspire Employee Engagement

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As a manager, employee engagement should be one of your top priorities. Engaged and passionate employees are more likely to be satisfied with their work and more inclined to stay and grow with the organization. They also help build morale among their co-workers and exemplify the values of your company culture. Of course you want… Read more »