What’s the Key to Employee Retention: Happiness or Passion?

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Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh is known for his unorthodox, yet effective, approach to running a successful business. Building a positive and supportive corporate culture has been his number one priority at Zappos, and he hasn’t been shy about emphasizing the importance of employee happiness in delivering excellent customer service, maintaining employee retention and making profits…. Read more »

5 Management Training Lessons “Undercover Boss” Can Teach

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What insights can executives gain by going undercover as entry-level workers in their own companies? According to CBS’ Emmy-nominated series “Undercover Boss,” they can learn a series of valuable lessons. As a viewer, you would be wise to learn, too. Each week, “Undercover Boss” follows a different corporate executive pretending to be a new employee… Read more »

4 Tips for Employee Training and Development Programs

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This is unfortunately a common scenario that happens again and again in many different organizations: employees spend significant time and energy undergoing training programs to improve their performance, and after the training is complete, they go back to their old ways.McKinsey & Company estimates companies around the world spend up to $100 billion a year on… Read more »

Leading With Credibility: Stay True to Your Core Values

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Every organization has its own culture and set of values. These core values represent the mission, goals and vision of your organization and employees, and they should be revisited and revised every few years. Carefully selecting the right values will put you on track to creating a productive and happy workplace, as well as giving… Read more »