Influencing Employees To Accomplish Goals

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If you want people to think, give them intent, not instructions. There’s no reason to waste important time and energy admonishing your team members about what’s been done. Instead, clarify your expectations to show your team how they can accomplish goals or how a particular employee can achieve his or her objectives. Communicate clearly and… Read more »

3 Steps to Using the Generation Gap for Increased Productivity

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The behavior, traits and learning styles of four generations in one workplace create unique challenges to leaders and organizations. Industry leaders learn to leverage those differences. Employee Development Systems, Inc. provides programs that help all generations improve professionalism in the workplace and increasing personal effectiveness, giving them the tools they need to successfully communicate with… Read more »

Bust Burnout at Work

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Whether you are engaged in your life’s work each day or are just treading water and earning a paycheck until you can find something better, there are moments when we all lose our passion and motivation, when we experience burnout at work. The good news is that we do not have to stay burned out… Read more »

How Creativity Can Play a Starring Role in the Art of Team Building

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It’s a normal morning in Main Street, USA. However, the sign outside the office door reads “Opening at noon today. Staff currently attending a team building workshop.” Inside, the employees aren’t convening for a morning meeting or filling their coffee mugs before shuffling to their desks. Instead, they have been unleashed from their computers and… Read more »

How to Transform Your Management Style from Boss-ship to Leadership

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Are you a manager or a leader…or some amalgamation of both? In a Harvard Business Review blog entitled Three Differences Between Managers and Leaders, Vineet Nayar addresses the difference between leading people and managing work. Nayar notes that, “Management consists of controlling a group or a set of entities to accomplish a goal. Leadership refers… Read more »

Communicate to Manage Performance: Aim, Bias & Climate

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The average manager spends 30 to 40% of a typical workday giving information to others— in face-to-face interactions, in writing, via the telephone, or through e-mail and other electronic media. Despite this emphasis on conveying information, breakdowns continue to be one of the greatest sources of problems in the workplace. Most managers have never been… Read more »

Research Shows How to Use Self-Discipline for Personal Effectiveness

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Unless you change how you are, you’ll always have what you’ve got. Whatever your personal or career goals are, self-discipline is the single most important tool to help you accomplish them. Put these daily practices into action to accomplish your own goals and become a more effective leader in the meantime! Revisit your goals each… Read more »

Perfomance Management Can Lead to Workplace Success

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How can you become a leader who actually follows through on their ideas and takes the risks that make successful outcomes possible? The secret ingredients are here for all of us to take advantage of, but only few understand the power of resilience and happiness. Start to that you can embrace, which will put you… Read more »

Use Your Professional Presence to Manage Workers Older than You

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Jeff is a talented software developer who recently got his dream job of bringing his network administration expertise into an organization that has an outdated, heavy system. He is enthusiastic about the opportunity to oversee the process from idea through integration. He knows that he can help his new employer develop a nimble, efficient system…. Read more »