Personal Effectiveness Lessons From Polar Explorers

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Ultimately, success does not come down to luck. Instead, Morten Hansen argues that successful leaders share a common set of characteristics. In the early twentieth century, two competing teams of explorers set out on expeditions to be the first humans to reach the South Pole. Hansen argues that the contrast between the leaders of these expeditions,… Read more »

Personal Effectiveness Means Breaking Boundaries

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It is not a surprise that the hallmarks of a successful business do not remain static over time, and so the definition of an effective employee or an effective manager shift over time as well. In many companies, the ranks of today’s upper management look pretty different than they did a generation ago. Individual personal… Read more »

Does Professionalism in the Workplace Give Job Security?

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In a weak economy with a high unemployment rate, many details of one’s workplace behavior become increasingly important when cuts must be made. If you are concerned about your job security, then one thing you can do is to work on increasing your professionalism in the workplace. If you manage employees that you are worried… Read more »

Management Development through Gender Awareness

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In today’s workforce, in many professions, there is still a discrepancy between what men get paid and what women get paid. There are still many professions with a noticeable lack of women. And yet, women are a strong asset to any company. Improve your management development by seeking to hire – and retain – more female… Read more »

Encourage Personal Effectiveness in Troubled Times

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A recent report on reveals that recently, “U.S. manufacturers managed to increase output per worker hour by a whopping 38%. In sum: If you want to thrive, you better be productive.” No matter what the current state of the job market, productivity is a crucial component of personal effectiveness that is important to focus on, especially… Read more »

Inexpensive Employee Recognition Increases Personal Accountability

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People work more effectively if they are engaged in valued work and if they don’t come across too many stumbling blocks to their forward progress, according to a recent Harvard Business Review blog article referencing the progress principle (find out more here). In order to increase the accountability and personal effectiveness of your employees, you… Read more »