Better Benefits Mean Better Personal Effectiveness

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Today’s workplace can be a scary place for some employees, even for workers who are higher on the corporate ladder, such as managers. The lingering economic crisis means a lack of job security for many people. This feeling of fear can sometimes affect job performance. As a manager, you should know that your employees will… Read more »

Use Critical Thinking Skills to Approach Challenges

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You are probably no stranger to the everyday challenges that come along with the responsibility of being a manager. You know how to handle a crisis, deal with conflict and find solutions to all the miscellaneous issues that arise. But what about the big challenges, the out-of-the-ordinary problems that don’t have an obvious resolution? These… Read more »

Increase Personal Effectiveness with Family-Friendly Work Practices

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Happy employees are effective employees. According to an article by Freek Vermeulen, recent studies have shown that “companies with a lot of family-friendly practices generally were more profitable than those without them.” This is because many employees with a better work-life balance are happier and as a result have more personal effectiveness than people who feel… Read more »

Does Increased Freedom Equal Increased Personal Accountability?

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  It might seem counterintuitive to say that giving employees more freedom helps them to be more productive. Indeed, it certainly makes some logical sense that being more strict about work hours and other aspects of job performance would maximize employee input into company success. However, that assumption is problematic. Challenging the status quo and… Read more »

Build a Performance Management Library

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In a weak economy, companies need to maintain their competitive advantage by ensuring strong performance management. Performance management practices ensure that companies (as well as departments within companies or even individual employees within a given company) are efficiently meeting their goals. The most basic idea is to set goals and then assess how well those… Read more »

Listen to a Free Professional Presence Podcast

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Want advice on how to work with multiple generations in the workplace? Listen to a free podcast with Suzanne Updegraff, EDSI’s CEO and author of “Professional Presence in a Casual World.”   The Millennial generation is often blamed for being self-centered, narcissistic and unable to sacrifice or perform at a higher level in order to… Read more »

Social Media & Importance of Professionalism Online

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In this age of technology, it is not unusual for companies to include a criminal background check or a credit report scan in their hiring practices. Employers may even conduct searches for their potential employees on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media websites for more insight into their lives or personalities. The importance… Read more »